Jesse Cox

Developer/Stenographer/IT Consultant

Social Media: Github - FreeCodeCamp - Codepen
Phone: (615) 270-9841
^ I do not answer this.
Address: 958 Anderson Street
Russellville, KY 42276

Cover Letter

Hi there,

My name is Jesse. I'm a native citizen of the United States with a passion for computers, linguistics, and language acquisition. My focuses are in English, German, and Esperanto; with a primary focus on German. Hoping to one day attend college in Germany, where I will be studying biological anthropology.

I'm learning stenography and web development from home. I hope to use these two skills while traveling the world. This is my default resume (including cover letter) for both practices.

I have transcribed: therapy sessions, business meetings, commercial and promotional material, yoga videos, academic dissertations, and legal notes for Scribie. One of my previous clients (from Upwork) had me transcribing meetings from ICANN, which took place in India -- plenty of foreign accents.

I'm a ham radio operator with FEMA certifications. My list of computer experience doesn't fall short either; I'm familiar with Windows and Linux operating systems. I'm also good with servers, routers, and cellular phones. I've been my own server admin for a number of years and I've hosted a number of sites on the Internet. Most of the material in my resume was created using Python.

I have a 5 star rating on Upwork and an A rating from Scribie, along with a perfect score on's English spelling and grammar test.

I'm currently volunteering over at (volunteer captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing community) and working at I'm also providing transcription services through Simbi in exchange for German lessons.

I've helped my parents run a family business and have experience as a door-to-door salesman.

Wanna stop paying for apathetic transcripts, typed out by underpaid and stressed out workers in a country you've never been to? Get something autonomous and independent from the notion that quality must be sacrificed in order to get more done. I currently charge 50 cents a minute (that's 20 to 50 cents cheaper than the big guys) for audio and video transcription.

I prefer simplicity over long, complex solutions but I can get as long and complicated as need be. I prefer to build things from the ground up. I know how to reuse the wheel but I prefer to reinvent as much as possible. In my experience, this offers the most in customizability, flexibility, and ultimately power.

Employment History A-Rated Transcriber 5-Star rating on every job (Call-Center): Customer Service Representative for Comcast/Xfinity

Mama's Herbal Shop: Cashier/Stocker/Greeter

Olympia Sales Club: Door-to-Door sales for kids

Care-taker: At-home caretaker for my grandfather


(Click the blue links to see the actual sites. Click the images to see what they look like.)

This Page: This entire page was designed by me. It is completely mobile and print responsive (the site changes when being viewed via mobile or printed).

Transkripshun: Audio Transcription Software: After a few weeks of trying and failing to find working transcription software for Linux, I constructed a program of my own, similar to ExpressScribe.

Pretty in Pink: This is one of the first pages I put together. It's not a fully functional site, just a homepage. I needed to show off my style to potential customers.

Cityline: My sister challenged me one day to think outside the box. This was the result. I put it up on Craigslist and offered free web development services in exchange for references. Within an hour it was taken down because so many people reported it.

Mercy Web Browser: Mercy Web Browser is something I'm particularly proud of. It's still in alpha testing but the goals are an in-built P2P file-sharing and messaging protocol, torrent support, and searches talored to academic research by using Google's custom search engines. The hallmark design elements are: The navigation buttons are located to the sides of the browser, the address bar is located at the bottom of the UI, and I'm working on using themes similar to how Mozilla Firefox used to be.

3D Graphic Design & Photography: This links to my DeviantArt profile.

Sales & Marketing: Worked in family business for 5+ years. Held down my own door-to-door sales gig. I also worked with as a customer service rep with Comcast.

Computers & IT: Computers and IT are a hobby of mine. I can’t go a single day without getting a phone call regarding computers. My skillset with electronics is limitless. I love breaking the operation of things down to their core, merely for the purpose of understanding them. My experiences include: programming, servers, networking, trouble-shooting, etc. I've started blogs and radio broadcast stations.

Screensaver: Got bored one day. . . Wanted something new on my computer. . . So I decided to write a screensaver. This is the default thing I see when I lock my screen.

Listening Skills: I hold a valid amateur radio license in the United States. Amateur radio operators regularly hold practice nets, where operators must ask net control for permission to speak. I have a certificate of completion from FEMA for ICS-100 (emergency management training).

Quick Study: I love learning virtually anything. I currently speak 3 languages: English, German, and Esperanto. I have dabbled in many more, including Latin. I’m teaching myself stenography from home. All my computer skills are self-taught.

Caretaker: Since middleschool, I’ve been caring for my elderly grandparents. This hasn’t left me time for a social-life or anything else for that matter. Currently I am cleaning up after and preparing meals for my bedridden grandmother. Before that, I was caring for my grandfather who suffers from dementia.


SIMP Media Player: This was another project I built in complete and utter boredom.

Medical: Besides having to attend to the numerous medical problems of my grandparents, I also hope to pursue a degree in biological anthropology.

Icecast: I've setup and run my own Icecast broadcast server on my home computer, to relay sound all over my house. It didn't work as planned (there's a horrible delay that's included as "buffer time"). The experience has taught me how to setup online streaming services though.


Steno-Writer: Transcription software for stenographers, written in Python and OpenGL. Features include: Showing chords pressed, rewinding audio, and putting in timestamps. The program has it's own file-format and can be used with a steno machine or a normal keyboard.

OpenVPN: I have my own OpenVPN server for VPN access to the web.

Wordpress: Wordpress was my plaything after highschool. I wanted to go into journalism and this was my platform :).

Caddy: Having set my own blog up, I needed to play with Caddy for a bit. It's an awesome little server.

Blue Skies: This is a weather blog I did.

Certifications Perfect score in (US) English and punctuation.

Testing: I received the highest award possible on all my school’s state-mandated testing (Math, Science, Reading Comprehension, and History) my junior year of highschool. My school paid me $100 for that.

Amateur Radio License: Issued by FCC in 2005 (Obtained during highschool)

ICS-100: Issued by FEMA in 2007 (Obtained during highschool)

Copyright © 2017 Jesse Cox, All Rights Reserved.
Jesse Cox
Copyright © 2017 Jesse Cox, All Rights Reserved.